I first visited the ocean when I was around 7 years old and fell in love with it. From that day forward I found it humorous way that God would place a girl whose heart was on a beach in South Dakota, which is about as far from a beach as you can get!!

Thus began the writing stories about people on beaches. If you can’t be there, might as well write like you there, right?

I was also obsessed with twins and triplets. Probably because there was such an age difference between my sisters and myself that I figured a twin would’ve been fun to share adventures with. So at age 13 I started thinking about triplets going on an adventure to this mysterious island. I started on a notebook and often showed a friend who insisted I keep writing.

Then I moved the story over to a computer, sneaking down and writing till the wee hours of the morning and eventually emerging what is now Sementia.

I was so excited of this accomplishment, I sent it to the first publisher I found. After the very nicely worded rejection, I gave up. Didn’t tell anyone further about this novel and stuck it in a drawer.

But God had other plans.

After getting married, I found that story in a box. Decided to dust it off, do some tweaks and my dream of writing was revived! Finally able to see this book in print was amazing…

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