After finding Sementia in a drawer and editing it, I realized that writing a mystery novel and not revealing any of the mystery gives a great opening for a sequel!

Thus began the tumbling journey of all the survivors of Sementia being thrown back onto the island with far more dangers and adventures than the first.

Personally, I enjoyed this – both reading and writing it – somewhat more than the first. The character were already dear to me so it was lots of fun to bring them back on paper.

I brought more depth to the characters and the story. And of course, had to bring in a little romance! Sorry, all, I’m a sucker for some sappy romance mixed in with adventure!

The most disappointing time I had while writing this was when I had writing about three chapters and THOUGHT I had saved it to my drive – and realized it didn’t! The battle scene at the end was originally very different but I found that I couldn’t get it to flow like the original. This turned out to be good because I feel the story turned out even better!!

This book has a lot of answered questions that Sementia had left and even though those answers are given, I have gotten many requests to turn these books into a trilogy. With the way Arica’s Revenge ended, I wasn’t quite sure how I could incorporate a trilogy. It seemed impossible. However, that’s the wonderful thing about writing. Making the impossible possible through the imagination! So I have been toying with different ways to make Sementia a trilogy!

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