Beyond Every Sunset Book Signing

I am super excited to announce my first book signing coming up at Crossroads in Sioux Falls on August 20 from 1:00-2:30pm! 

I never realized how hard it is to get a venue for a book signing opportunity here. It’s rather unbelievable…I have inquired to numerous locations in the Sioux Falls area and only received in essence two responses. One was a no thank you and the other was Crossroads, who was already carrying my book in stock and have been doing fairly well in selling for a new release by a virtually unknown author.  I am so grateful to them for giving me and my novel a chance. 

I have been asked on numerous occasions about Barnes and Nobles and if they would stock my novel and if we could do a book signing there. Unfortunately, they only stocked one book because they do not know how sales will go. They will not do a book signing unless they see sales justifying it. I’m still not sure how putting one book in stock will qualify how sales go in the store, but I guess that’s their call. But it is disheartening! 

I am working hard to check other venues to do a book signing in the South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska region. If you know of any place good, send me a comment or email! 

In the meantime, prepping for this first book signing and am praying for a successful one.

One parting word on success – supporting someone else’s success will never dampen yours. I can’t remember who said that but it was great wisdom. Let us never diminish someone else’s dreams coming true just because ours haven’t been fulfilled yet. God has a great purpose for each of us and they all fall at different times. So don’t get discouraged – it will come of you don’t give up and remember to rely on the One who gave you the dream in the first place! 

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