I just finished a Goodreads giveaway for my novel, Beyond Every Sunset, and was thrilled to have nearly 1,100 people enter the contest. 

But then I looked at the reviews. Now, granted, whenever you do anything before the public you need to get tough skin because there will always be critics and people out there that will tear you down. Even so, when I saw that someone had rated my novel with a one star, it was deflating. And then when I found that they had the novel in there to be read section – I ain’t gonna lie – I was a little irritated. Why would you rate a book that you haven’t even read? What was the point of making the effort to rate something you may or may not read?

Then I had to calm myself down and remember that people are people. Not everyone will behave as you expect them to. And one persons opinion does not rate my novel as a one star. In all honesty, it’s going to happen because I have to remember that what I write might not catch everyone in the way that I want and that’s okay. Critics are hard but as long as I stay true to who I am and keep writing stories that I love, then there will be people that love the story as well. 

So one stars aren’t all bad. It can keep you grounded and put things into perspective. 

And I did get a beautiful review after that with a 5 star rating. Which was encouraging. Just shows that people can love or hate you. But you can’t change for your critics and become someone you’re not. Be the person that God has called you to be and everything else will fall into place. Not saying it will be easy, but trying to change to appease critics would be horrifying. Don’t lose who you are just to appease a mob. 

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