Not just a black thumb

For years, I have wanted to have a garden. To be able to grow things and just eat them right off the vine seemed like a fun thing. The problem is, I have always had a terrible black thumb when it comes to plants. My mother has an amazing green thumb and she didn’t pass along any to me. No matter how hard she tried and how many plants she would give me, I could manage them to kill them.

But that desire to have a garden didn’t wane. So this year, I begged my husband to let me give it another chance. Something small and in some 5 gallon buckets to at least start and see if there would be a possibility for me to see if I was not just a black thumb.

I had planted some grape tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, and onions. This time, I wanted to make sure that I could get something to grow and I realized as with anything it’s a process. You have to make the time to make sure it gets watered. But not over watered. After a weekend getaway, I came home to find that my plants were drowning from the rain we had while gone. So had to add more dirt and start over.

And then a miracle happened! The plants brought forth some yummy vegetables! They haven’t died yet (knock on wood – hope I didn’t just jinx myself)

The point of this whole story is that, everything has a process and sometimes you just have to keep trying before you get it. I am still trying to get this blog off the ground and that has been a process for me and hard to be consistent (3 kids and 2 jobs help with that), but just like learning to be consistent in watering my vegetables to produce wonderful tomatoes, I need to work at being consistent with my blog and anything else that I want to make a success. I am getting there! I am not just a black thumb…its more brown and maybe one day it will be something similar to the color green. šŸ™‚


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