A few years ago I went to a women’s conference doing a message called Unmasked. It was beautiful – which is funny because that was in fact the name of the conference. Beautiful. Simply put, it was about masks we wear. Things we do that hide who we truly are. Not being as real and authentic as we should be. 

I left that conference feeling the desire to make sure I was always being the real me. Of course, we are very good at wearing our masks and sometimes it is just too easy to go back to putting them on. Not being our true selves because we are afraid of what people might say or think. 

I am a person that I love to please people. Sometimes, that would mean putting on a mask to put the appearance that I am someone that I’m not. Just to make people like me. It has taken a long time to get that mask to stay off and just be who I am, not caring what others think and even now I have to catch myself. 

You see, I have to remind myself to renew my mind every day to be who God has made me to be because that is the only way I can excel. I have to push myself to not hide behind a mask, but to be real and authentic. 

To add to that, I also never want to be shy about my faith, which is almost easy now in our politically correct and easily offended world. But you know what? God has paid too big of a price for me to not be real for Him and all Christ has done. But that means that my mask has to be put down and show what true Christianity is. I am not better than anyone else. I have struggles and hardships and I do cry (no matter what some of my friends say who have been trying tirelessly to get me to cry in a sappy romance and failed!). It’s okay to show that life isn’t perfect. Not meaning to wear everything on my sleeve, but to be real with others! I am called to love with the love of Christ to all people whether they agree or not!

So here’s to de-masking!

Romans 12:9The Voice 

9 Love others well, and don’t hide behind a mask; love authentically. Despise evil; pursue what is good as if your life depends on it.

(In full disclosure, this mask in the picture below was burned soon after this was taken!)

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