My two older girls started school today. It seems that life doesn’t seem to move quite as fast until events like birthdays and the start of school come. Then you look back and go “What?!? How did we get here already?”

This hit me more when my oldest, Jzzmyne, who is starting 5th grade, barely said goodbye as I dropped her off at school. Yes. We have started entering the stage of where my daughter is too cool to give her mother a hug in front of her classmates. 

Could I just revert time back to even a few weeks ago where she just wanted to walk through the store holding my hand and if I let go she would come and grab it and tell me to not let go? 

And why did I have to act so irritated when I’m trying to rush through the store and my daughter just wants that closeness to her mother? I should be cherishing the times that she still wants me around because I know the preteen stage is coming and all that comes with it…

Kids do grow up fast and in the blink of an eye she will be driving and then graduating and then married and oh, Lord! It’s going fast! 

Every stage of parenting is challenging but it is precious and goes so much faster than we realize. 

Take a moment and appreciate the time you’re in because all we truly have is a moment. Make the best of it! 

One thought on “Someone slow this train down!!

  1. Absolutely loved this particular blog. As I think back and reflect on the very moments you described going through…..with YOU, my very own daughter. You couldn’t have put it better! And time does go way way way way TOO FAST, so good advice to cherish each and every moment and stage~♡

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