Why do we spend so much valuable time comparing ourselves to others? 

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts through Facebook lately by Lisa Bevere on her new novel “Without Rival” talking about comparison and how we need to be who God has called us to be. 

This got me thinking about how often we do that. We compare ourselves to others. In negative and positivite light. Either thinking we aren’t good enough or we are too good for others. 

For me, it was a feeling of not being good enough. Growing up, I developed very early and this caused me to be the brunt of lots of cruel comments from other girls. This diminished my outlook on myself and for a long time (and even now at times) I found myself comparing with other girls in my class. Why couldn’t I be as cool Katie? As pretty as Heather? As popular as Megan? 

This skewed my view on who God called me to be because I was constantly looking for gratification from others instead of the One who created me to be uniquely me. 

How often do you find yourself doing that? Maybe comparing yourself to someone who you think has a better job, better marriage, better kids… Even now, I have to catch myself and stop with that evil compare game. It doesn’t matter what the other has, it matters on whether I am being the person God has called me to be. Am I reflecting the love of Christ to those around me?

We spend so much time beating ourselves up on how we should be better, be more like this person cause they appear to have it all together,thinking we need to be different instead of realizing that God didn’t make a mistake! He made you exactly as you are for a specific reason. He created you to be the parent your child needs. He has put you in the position you are in for a reason. He has placed you in the spot your are in to make a difference even if you don’t see how yet. He knows every talent that you possess because He placed it inside you!

I love this quote by Lisa Bevere and I hope it encourages you today to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to bring you down or tell you to be different. 

“There are a million voices that will try to label you, compare you, classify you, and put you in a box—but you don’t have to give them power over you. Create sacred space, get alone with your Creator, and let the One who hung the stars in the tapestry of the night sky tell you who you are.” Lisa Bevere

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