I don’t think that anyone that was around 15 years ago will forget the New York attacks. It was so horrific and devastating that it would be hard not to be affected as 3000 people lost their lives. 

I climbed into my car that morning and heard the radio announcement on my way to school and thought it was a cruel joke. How I wish it had been…

But the aftermath was even more amazing. Watching the way our country pulled together and lifted each other up. The people that work tirelessly through the rubble searching for survivors. 

It is almost heartbreaking to think that a tragedy was what it took to bring this country together and now 15 years later, Our country is divided worse than ever. I don’t wish a tragedy like 9/11 to happen to us again to get us to unite like that again, but it would be nice for us to come back together as a country and lift each other up. 

Today on this day of rememberance let’s give hugs and speak words of love to those in our lives as we never know what another moment will bring! 

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