Do you ever get frustrated in the world with technology at our fingertips 24/7 why people can’t respond back to you within a reasonable time? I understand busyness – believe me I do – but if you have a business don’t you think it would behoove your business reputation to at least respond to inquiries that are asked of you? 

I have been trying to find another venue to do a book signing event. I have contacted coffee shops in town as well as some grocery stores. All in all around 15 places. Only one has contacted me back. And it was to tell me no. Which was fine – at least they contacted me back. I had several that when called said they would talk to the boss and let me know. Not one call back. Can I try contacting again, yes. But when do you toss in the towel for lack of response from a certain business?

I just find that it doesn’t show good business if you don’t even bother to contact the consumer back…even with a no. I can handle the rejection because as a writer you get it a lot from publishers and agents before you’re able to get anywhere. 

Am I the only one that feels this way? 

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