Seeking perfection

Saturday morning I meet with some wonderful women and this morning we shared on something I think many many women and even men struggle with. 

Being perfect. 

Our society pushes on us hard on how we should look and how we should act making us feel like we should be striving for perfection and then feeling like a failure when it doesn’t work out as expected. You can’t go through a grocery checkout line without seeing a magazine spouting statements like “worlds most beautiful person” or “ways to make him want you” or “lose that muffin top in 30 days!” 

Things that we work so hard to achieve and then once we do, something happens or changes and we feel inadequate and like a failure. 

I deal with this feeling a lot. Constantly putting up high expectations and feeling like a failure when it doesn’t complete the way I want. 

I’ve been reading this book, Confidence: Now is Your Time by Elizabeth Hagen and in it she quotes Michael J Fox who says, 

  • I am careful not to confuse excellence with perfection. Excellence I can strive for; perfection is God’s business. 

Such an amazing reminder. I also love her statement after that which is near and dear to me as a writer. I can’t write a perfect book, but I can write an excellent book. 

This is what I need to strive for. Not perfection but excellence. Excellence in all God has called me to be. Driving for perfection will leave me empty, dissatisfied and always feeling like I will never measure up. Excellence can bring me to being the best that God has called me to be and I can be satisfied in that. 

Remember who you are. You aren’t perfect, but you belong to a perfect God that has created you for an amazing purpose. Look in the mirror and see yourself for the miracle that you are. There is no one else like you and no one else is called to do what you are to do. 

You don’t need perfection to be satisfied in this life. You just need to do everything with a spirit of excellence! 

  • No one is perfect. That’s why pencils have erasers.” Author unknown

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