I like how Facebook puts up the memories on your page to remind you of past pictures or instances you shared. This was one of mine that is a great reminder and I had to share it again! 

About a year ago, I was having a rough day. Trying hard to get the house clean and dealing with children who were not exactly in the mood to help. I think any mom can relate to the frustration that can mount when this happens. 

After I finally got the girls into their rooms and they were cleaning them – and thankfully not fighting with each other – I sat at the counter and just took a deep breath. 

Suddenly my oldest was standing right next to me. 

“Mom, I have something for you.” She placed two pennies into my hand. “It’s for all the hard work you do around here.” 

I couldn’t help but chuckle. All I’m work is two cents? But then I saw my daughters face completely fall. 

“Mom, it’s all I have.” 

How humbling! 

Thank you, Lord for reminding me how every gift whether big or small, when given out of pure love should be treasured! Because the heart behind the gesture is more important than the gift itself. #lifelessons #twocents

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