I may have gotten this wrong…

Have you ever heard something and deep in your heart you just don’t think that sounds right? I’m not referring to the current election although I’m sure you have felt that way during the course of the last few months. Don’t worry, I’m not going to get political here. 

I visited a different church this last Sunday and before I continue please know that I am not saying anything against any other church – just how I perceived this particular message and that it gave me pause…

The message by the pastor was titled Perfection and he made one particular statement that made me start to wonder. He stated that we are to be perfect as God is perfect. 

Immediately my mind went, “Huh?!?” I do not know if he meant it in the way that I heard it, but my mind started going through the scriptures. Romans 3:10 states that no one is righteous (or perfect) not one. 

And further down in verse 23 it says everyone sins and falls short of the glory of God. 

To be truly perfect we would have to lead a sinless life and that isn’t possible. At least not on earth. Perfection is unattainable as I had stated in a previous post. But I can strive for excellence. To be who God called me to be and do it the best way that I can with the realization that yes, I may stumble and fall but I can get back up because God is right there to take my hand and put me back on the right path. 

I don’t want anyone to ever think that you have to be perfect to be a Christian. I have shortcomings and despite them Christ loved me enough to die on the cross for all my failures. And those failures may help someone who is struggling to realize that God loves them through their shortcomings as well. I don’t want to put a persona that I am perfect! Far from it!! 

I hope that I misunderstood the pastors intent on speaking of perfection but for now, I will just be grateful that I am perfectly imperfect because God works through my imperfections to make me better and help me to rely on Him. 

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