So lately I’ve been watching this new show on NBC called Timeless. It’s a very intriguing show to me about this terrorist who steals a time machine to go back and change history. 

It got me thinking: if I could go back in time, just within my own history, would there be anything that I would want to change? And if I did, how would that change my present future?

It’s an interesting thing because I’m sure just about everyone regrets something or wishes they would’ve done something different within their life. But if you had, would you still be the person you are today? 

I posed this question to my Saturday morning ladies and it came back with though they all had things that they wished they would’ve done differently, they wouldn’t want to change it if it would impact their life now. 

For example, one stated she wished she had gotten out of a relationship sooner, but if she had would she have met her now husband and had their two beautiful boys? 

So I gave them this quote:

Look in the mirror and see yourself as the miracle you are for there is no one else exactly like you. You are worth the best this life has to offer and don’t let anyone tell you any differently!!

Now you may be thinking “What does that have to do with regret or changing history?”

God has made you into the beautiful person you are! Every circumstance that has happened to you has led you closer to who God has called you to be. You can choose to follow the path that says you are worthy. There is no one like you. You are created to be uniquely you so don’t look backwards at what could’ve been. The “what if’s” won’t bring anything but regret. If we dwell on the “should’ve s” we won’t be enjoying the miracle of today!

Think of Joseph in the Bible. Now there’s a man that could’ve had a lot of regrets. His brothers sold him into slavery because they were jealous of him. He probably thought “if only I hadn’t told them my dream” Or being thrown in jail for something he didn’t do. “If only I hadn’t dropped my cloak.” And the list goes on. But every event that happened to him brought him closer to the person God called him to be. 

Look at the present as a gift. A gift to take today and strive forward to be the best God has called you to be because you are worthy of it!  Not regretting the past but embracing it, learning from it, and moving forward to getting the best out of life!!

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