Broken Heart – it’s hard being a parent

As I put my oldest daughter to bed last night, I see tears pooling in her eyes. 

“Jazzy, what is it?” 

My heart breaks as she asks me to pray for a friend for her. A real friend that will not bully over her, but be there for her. And then the kicker, “one that won’t dump me, Mom.”

You always want the best for your kids and for them to be happy and to not go through the struggles you did. 

I had struggles with friendships growing up so I can relate. And I understand how she feels. I understand how hard it is for her to get it when I tell her to be herself and be the kind of friend she would want and that will bring friendships. And when I tell her that more than likely she won’t have the same friends that she has now in 10 years, it’s hard for her to agree because friends are so important when you are 10 years old. 

I wish I could tell her it will be easy, but I can’t lie to her. All I can tell her is that I love her and my heart aches with her.

I know someday she will understand, but for now, I’ll continue praying for a good friend to come into my daughters life and wisdom and a spirit of comfort will encompass her until she does understand. 
Parenting is tough and the hardest job I never applied for. 

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