Come on…

I will admit I am angry. Yes. I am angry. And this is the one and probably only time that I will go on a slight political rant but not for reasons you think. 

I am angry at America. Not because of the election that took place and hear me when I say that I did not like either candidate that was up for president. I truly struggled this year on voting. The lesser of two evils is still evil and that’s a hard pill to swallow. I know some that wouldn’t even vote for president because are they couldn’t in their conscious do so. 

However, feelings aside, we have a new president and I will respect that. Because the American people voted and that was decided and we need to move on and start building our country up and bring it together because we have become more divided over the last several years than we should be. 

So I am angry and upset with the American people that feel because their candidate didn’t win they have the right to protest and riot and bring further division. Come on!! The election is over, we have a president. Whether you like him or dislike him now isn’t the time to cause further discourse but to align together and say “okay, let’s see if we can truly make America great.”

The presidency is one role. One part in our government. Granted it’s a big role, but this doesn’t mean that he’s going to go and strip all your rights away. It doesn’t mean that a wall will truly be built between here and Mexico. That’s what’s great about America is there are checks and balances. 

So let’s get off the high horse and quit the protesting and start working together to truly be the UNITED states again. 

I could say more but for now: Rant done! 

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