One of my co-workers approached me a few weeks ago wanting to know about my books. As we talked more, he said he would love to buy them, specifically Sementia and it’s sequel for his daughter. 

One thing about Jon, when you talk to him you can tell how much he adores his children. And this post is specifically for his daughter, Emma, also known as the “Emstuh”.

So dear, Emma, when he bought the books, Jon specifically stated that you wouldn’t believe that he knew the author. Apparently, he comes home with a lot of wild stories. Not that I blame you, Emma, your dad is a character! But I can assure you that he does know me! And he took a picture to prove it – not the greatest picture I’ve ever taken, but it’s proof! Haha!

Whenever he comes into the office, he greets with a German accent, “frauline Schmeling” and then something that I am not sure what it means! Lol…

I hope you will believe here that your dad is not full of it at least not in this case, 😉he’s a great guy that loves you and your sisters dearly and you are lucky to have him as your dad. And from the way he talks about you, he is lucky to have you as a daughter. 

I truly hope that you get captured by Sementia and then enjoy Arica’s Revenge even more (I actually love the sequel more than the first! Lol)! And then get caught up in the beautiful story of Beyond Every Sunset. 

Maybe one day, you can come up to chilly South Dakota with your dad and visit the office and you can tell me how you like the stories!  

Until then, enjoy! 

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