As we begin a new year, it’s great to know that we can start fresh. Living in South Dakota, I find that January is our coldest month. I am a girl that should’ve been born near the ocean but instead I live as far as possible in temperatures that could never come close to be considered beach weather. So, I do tend to get somewhat cranky during the month of January because it is so freezing. 

Each year, I start off with the ambition to not get cranky because of how cold it is, but to make the best of where I am even if I’m freezing my toes off! 

It’s also great to know that just as a new year can start us a fresh, so can a new day. Every day is a new chance to make things better! Even though today the temps are -19 with the windchill, I can still have a good day. Even though my car doesn’t like starting, I can be grateful my heater is still working. 

Every day is a choice to be thankful for something and every year is a fresh start to go better than the last. 

Happy New Year all! 

Oh – and my New Years resolution is to be more consistent in writing my blogs!

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