Just write…

People have often asked me how I’ve written three novels. How can I get the story out? How do I do it with three kids and two jobs? 
Well, it takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to write a novel. You put your whole heart and soul into writing a story that others will enjoy but most of all, you pour yourself into the book because you have something yearning within you that is bursting to get out. You take whatever time you can and you just write.

It may take years to complete that novel and more years to see it in print. (Trust me, I know)  But if it’s your passion, do it whenever you can as often as you can because what is in you needs to be brought out. If not for the whole world, but for you! 

And always keep in mind that there are critics out there that will tear apart what you write no matter what. Build up tough skin and remember that more than anything you did it for you and not anyone else. Be true to yourself and the story you are writing will reflect that and there will be people that love it. 

The first person the critiqued Sementia told me that there was too much smiling. I had an agent tell me the Beyond Every Sunset wasn’t realistic because there was no way a young man could be a director. (Uh. Fiction novel?) 

The point is, no matter what others say, write your story from the heart and no matter what others say you are a success! Because it takes a lot of work to write a novel and finishing one and being proud of your accomplishment is an achievement. 

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