Believe in Yourself!

I think everyone has had a time in their life that they have lost confidence. They have been brought down by the weight of the world and lose faith in their abilities and who God has made them to be. I know I have. 

But God has built us magnificently and uniquely but life is a struggle. During one of those struggles, God gave this word to me and I hope it encourages you when you are down feeling like no one believes in you. 

This is what your Heavenly Father says to you! 

Believe in yourself for I believe in you.

Yes, I, the God of the universe and creator of all things believe in you.

I knit you together in the darkness of your mother’s womb. 

I intricately and strategically pieced you together from every hair on your head to every talent you possess to make you uniquely you. 

I would not do that if I didn’t believe in you. Believe in your potential. You are made to do AMAZING things! 

Trust in me and believe in yourself and the person I created you to be. You are workso much more than you realize!!

Believe in yourself and more importantly believe in what I can do through you!!

When you feel like the whole world is coming down on you, remember that word and how the God of the universe feels for you and loves you and believes in you! 

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