So some of you have begged even pleaded for me to write a third installment to the Sementia series. For the longest time I said no. There was no where to go with the story. I thought it was done. 

Then an idea sparked….

So, still completely in the rough draft phase (so please forgive any grammatical errors!) but here is a preview of the potential beginning of a third installment of Sementia (yet to be titled) 

As the shores of Sementia slipped silently below the surface and the survivors cheered, no one noticed the one little raft heading towards the opposite shore of Galapagos. A small boy of three looked tearfully at his companion.

“What do we do now?” 

Gallen, the boys caretaker since he was born looked back to where the island once was, his heart heavy. He had lost his best friend and mentor on that island. The boys had lost his father. His brother was still on Zelgan. He sighed knowing there was no way for them to return at this time.

“We wait.”

“For what?” His eyes shined with fear as he clutched his small hands together.

Gallen looked at the boy and took hold of his hands. “We will wait for your brother to come get us and take us back to zelgan. If the rebels are successful in taking the planet back, he will come here and finish the work your father had started. We will patiently wait for that day.”

His little head bobbed solemnly.

As the boat gently bumped into the shore, Gallen picked him up into his arms. “Don’t worry, Zachiah. We will avenge your father’s death.”

Please comment your thoughts cause I’d love to know what you think of this first little snip it! 

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