Another book signing is coming up this weekend at a Queen City Bakery in Sioux Falls and if I do say so myself, they have the best coffee and amazing desserts there! Hopefully I will sell some books to make up for the coffee and dessert I am bound to eat during my two hours there! 

I have been so blessed with how well Beyond Every Sunset has been received!

Last week, my oldest was the star of the week for her 5th grade class and as a treat, my husband and I could come in and we could talk about her and in turn she could talk about us. Then the kids could ask questions for all of us. 

Well, when one of the kids found out I was a writer, he asked what my latest book was. After I told him, Beyond Every Sunset, another kid’s hand shot up. His response was, “My mom loves that book!”

Being a virtually unknown writer, I have to say it made me feel good that someone I didn’t know liked my novel enough so that her child knew it. 

This novel is a beautiful novel and I am so grateful at the reach and I pray it continues. Not for me, but for the message it holds! Christ’s unconditional love is for all no matter what you’ve done or will do nothing, NOTHING will disengrate that unquenchable love He holds for you! 

2 thoughts on “Book signing this Saturday!

  1. I think this flyer—what I read anyways— says January 25th but it’s actually this Saturday January 28th~ the book signing. I personally know that anybody that goes will not regret it! A matter of fact I am so confident that this book goes beyond anybody’s expectations, that I will personally ~out of my own pocket~ refund anybody that would possibly be disappointed in the book~~ I am not sure that you will love it!!!!!

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