Old or Young?

With my birthday looming in the near future, my girls got into a debate on whether I am old or young at the ripe coming age of 33. 

It was actually quite humorous to listen to my 6 year old insist that I was getting old while my 10 year old was adamant that I am actually really young. 

I didn’t take offense at all with my second born thinking I’m old. I’m getting to the point, sort of, and somewhat accepting the fact that I am indeed getting older. When you start saying things like, “that was 20 years ago” or “this year is 15 years since I graduated high school” you start to realize that time has gone faster than you thought and yes, so have the years. I still love birthdays (I love surprises the best!) and though my “advancing” age takes me by surprise sometimes, I’m really not that old! 

Things aren’t falling apart, even though some things are getting more fragile like falling on my knee resulting in surgery. Though in my defense, I did fall while holding my baby and to protect her my weight fell completely on my knee which landed on a stone step. 

No matter, I take my queue from my parents who still act very young at heart. Age is just a number and it’s my choice to act old or be the person that I am no matter what my age which is fun, silly and make my 10 year old roll her eyes because her mother is doing the disco in front of her and her friends (though you see the joy in her eyes that her mother is so goofy) or dancing with my younger girls and causing them to laugh. It’s important to me to have a balance of seriousness and fun in our house no matter what age we are. 

At the end of my daughters’ debate, they came up with this conclusion. Mom is getting older BUT she acts young so she may be 33, but they place me at 22. 

I love my kids! 

Oh – and if 40 years you see some old lady  that looks like me dancing up a storm with her grandkids, don’t be alarmed. That’s just me being young at heart! 

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