Sitting at a book signing and watching people walk past you but not bother to stop can be very disheartening. Alright, so I did have a few people stop, but it was less than a handful. 

I’ve always said as long as I sell one book, the signing is a success. It makes me happy to sell one. Well…that’s partially true. It is successful to have at least one person come, but honestly I want more people to experience this beautiful story that God has given me to share with the world! 

So I was sitting there slightly discouraged with the lack of people stopping st my table as they got their coffee yesterday. More discouraged at the ones that would purposely avoid looking at me because they didn’t want to get suckered into a sales pitch. 

Ha! If only they knew that I am not a salesperson. I am simply a writer wanting to share her story with others. 

Isn’t it funny how God can send people with a word at just the right time to give you the reminder you desperately need to hear?  My husband sent me a text with these words,

Remember, you didn’t write to sell. You write because you enjoy it.”

It was what a needed to hear. A little kick in the butt so to speak. I love to write and God has given me a talent to write novels that capture the imagination of those that read them. The books I write are good. Great even! And one low selling day at a signing isn’t going change the love I have in creating a story. 

AND I am grateful that I was able to end up selling anything AND that God has given me opportunities to share the stories that He’s inspired me to write! 

Putting things into perspective and continuing to push forward! 

2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. You are an excellent author. If I lived nearby, I would come to every book signing to support you.
    Never give up, the pen is in your hand. Keep creating your stories!


  2. Angie, you are so blessed to have such talent to write the way you do. God has given you a gift. Take that gift and run with it. When I finished your latest book, I was sad because I was done with it…I didn’t want it to be over. now that’s a sign of a GREAT author.

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