My kids were watching this show called Bunkd’ the other day and in the show the kids found a bird egg and were taking care of it. The one girl proceeded to start rocking it and sing Rock-a-Bye and the other character immediately stops her from singing it saying that it wouldn’t be good for a bird to hear about falling from trees. 

I had to chuckle because it reminded me of when I first became a mother. Before I became a mother, I, just like many young girls do I’m sure, sang Rock-A-Bye Baby to my dolls as I tried to get them to “sleep”.

But when I held my first born and was rocking her to sleep and started singing those words to that beautiful girl…

Rock-A-Bye Baby  on the treetop 

When the wind blows the cradle will rock

When the bough breaks the cradle will fall

And down will come baby, cradle and all.

As I sang those last words to my sleeping infant, I became a bit appalled by the words. 

Why would anyone sing that to their child?! 

What kind of nursery rhyme is this? 

Who would want to sing about babies falling out of trees? What kind of lullaby is that? Poor kid could dream of falling out of them! 

And then wondering if this could have long term effects on her….

Will my daughter grow up to be terrified with a serious complex of climbing trees thinking she’s going to fall? 

You get the picture. My thoughts went a little crazy. But I just had this picture in my head of my little Jazzmyne falling out of a tree and….yeah, I didn’t like it. The nursery rhyme had lost all appeal. 

So I had to look up what would entice this crazy song to come about. The origin is from England and (they believe) it came from mother trying to mimic her baby riding on the trees and the “fall” is the baby being laid down in the crib. 


I still don’t care for this lullaby. (sorry if any of you are fans of it!) So while I was rocking my little girl, I decided then and there I was going to change up the words to something I felt was better for my child. I ended up with this,

Rock-A-Bye Jazzy

In mommy’s arms

I’ll hold you close,

I’ll keep you from harm. 

In mommy’s arms, safe you will be

So Rock-A-Bye, Jazzy, 

Just you and me

I sang this to each one of my children, changing the name for each one of course! 

It may seem silly to change an old nursery rhyme, but maybe it needed an update. 

I want my kids to feel safe and loved. Never dreaming of falling out of trees but of how much their mother loves them and wants to keep them close. 

Now I know I can’t keep them from all harm, but hopefully as they grow older, they will not tire of being hugged by their mother and know that she’s trying to keep them safe as best as she can. And maybe, just maybe, when they hear Rock-A-Bye Baby in its original form, they will hear their mother’s words instead. 

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