Sorry, everyone, but I’m fed up! I’ve had enough! And after a conversation with a friend of mine the other day, I agree with her and stand with her on making a stand. We are forming a protest! We are turning pro-choice…..for daylight savings time! 

Not what you were expecting me to say, huh? 😄

Well guess what? Each time we do this insane switch of the times, my body is feeling is a bit more. Affecting my three kids attitudes. And that is not cool…

I mean, this is just becoming crazy! Seriously, my body has barely adjusted to the last time change and now in a few weeks we are doing it again! Well I’ve had it. These silly time changes are messing with my body and I should be able to choose to partake or not! 

Can you imagine what my boss would say if I came to him and stated, 

I am not partaking in daylight savings time, so I will be re-arranging my hours to suit the original time.

He would laugh me right out of his office! 

Still, thinking of springing forward. Oh, how I love the idea of spring. Downside, I lose an hour of sleep…and I value my sleep! Messing up my sleep schedule causes days of repercussions! 

See? My body. My choice. So I choose not to indulge in the ridiculousness any longer! 

And what is the big deal about daylight savings anyway? Does it truly help the sun be out longer?  I live in South Dakota, so pretty sure I don’t see much effect especially during the winter. 

So I believe Arizona has it right. We shouldn’t be messing with our bodies like this. We should just leave the time alone! Leave it as it is! Quit messing with it. 

Stay strong, Arizona! 

With that being said, everyone else remember to spring your clocks forward on March 12th and be prepared for your bodies to go into shock adjusting to that lost hour!! 

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