I was getting really excited about this new idea I had with my sister on how to promote my book, Beyond Every Sunset. She had suggested doing a Mother’s Day giveaway basket to help get the word out more using the power of social media.

I thought this was a great idea. I have been exploring how I can get the word out further on this novel. I’m not a sales person and I’m not a marketing person. I need whatever help I can get to spark interest!

So I was telling my husband about this and he gave me this look. Every person who is married or has been in a relationship for awhile should know exactly what kind of look I’m referring to.

Anyway, so he gives me this look and says rather bluntly, “Angie, I think you’re slitting your own throat doing that.”

Say what now?

Utterly baffled that he thought my idea was so horrible, I asked him why, how?

He takes my hand and looks at me, “Your book isn’t just for women, Ang. This is a great book that can impact men, too. You can’t just focus on women, it has something for everyone.”

Now, my husband doesn’t read a lot in general and if he’s going to read, it’s normally a nonfiction book. However, this Christmas, his gift to me was a copy of Beyond Every Sunset with a special dedication in the front from him to me about how much he enjoyed reading my book.

This mean so much to me that he enjoyed it so immensely and he would be honest if he hadn’t. (Trust me, he was honest about Sementia and how he couldn’t get into it because it wasn’t his type of book.)

Anyways, it got me thinking and there was a lot of truth to his words. Beyond Every Sunset is a story about a single father struggling with finding his place. He is overcome with doubts about who God is and all the ever present why’s of life.

Anyone else with me on that one? I think the why’s are so easy to ask. Why God? Why is this happening? Why is this not happening?

We’ve all had doubts plague us and make us wonder where life is leading us. Leave us wondering where God is in the midst of all the struggles and frustrations, sicknesses and sorrows. So much of what my character, Travis, goes through can be relatable to many of us. Men and women.

Throughout the book, Travis is presented with many challenges, but he is also presented many times with the fact that Jesus didn’t come for a select few. It isn’t a special elite club that is hard to get into. No way!

Jesus freely gave His life for the sins of ALL!

So Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many.

Hebrews 9:28

All we have to do is receive it!

God’s free gift leads to our being made right with God, even though we are guilty of many sins.

Romans 5:6

Life is hard. There will still be struggles. Doubts can still plagues us. But we can have a peace within us when we relinquish it to our Heavenly Father who holds our future.

After all, He’s way smarter than us (who would want to serve a God who isn’t?)

So, after all these thoughts went through my head, I did a women’s and a men giveaway through my Facebook page. The post reached a lot of people and hopefully sparked interest for both men and women.


2 thoughts on “Not just for women….

  1. So wonderful to hear how much he loved your writing! You are a terrific writer and my hopes are that you continue and with hi


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