Don’t be jealous someone else is going on vacation or think they don’t deserve it, save up your money and go on your own!

It’s sad to hear when others don’t want to even announce they are going on vacation (or where they are going) because of other people’s responses. Especially people within the church. 

For some reasons that I don’t understand, there are some people that think people in ministry shouldn’t have amazing wonderful vacations because there’s no way they can deserve it or afford it. 

I recently came across this sort of attitude as my family and I prepared for an adventure to Disney World. Someone made the comment that we must be rich to afford such a vacation as this. Others have made comments as well in seemingly joking fashion about how they couldn’t believe we were able to do it for the second time. 

Some people had given us the well wishes and were genuinely thrilled we got this opportunity, but to those that aren’t, consider this. 

We are not by any means rich – at less money wise. But we are careful with our expenses and when we want to do some extravagant like taking our kids to Disney World, we save. We save a LOT. Every extra penny that we get goes towards financing that trip so we can have it paid off before we go and then have extra spending money once we arrive there. 

We don’t want to go into debt for a family vacation so we are wise about what we do or we take a few years to raise it up and we look for good deals. 

With that, we have been very blessed with some amazing vacations. We have friends that have been blessed with amazing and well deserved vacations and should not feel bad about going on them. 

Let us be mindful to not be jealous of others     In a serious way but rejoice in others blessings and then start working toward one of our own! 

With that in mind, I’m going to get back to my vacation! 

2 thoughts on “Don’t be jealous someone else is going on vacation or think they don’t deserve it, save up your money and go on your own!

  1. Enjoy! I’m only jealous because my visit to Mickey isn’t until December! At which time I plan to enjoy my vacation living the dreams of a princess!
    So, Princess Angie, go have fun with your Prince and little Princesses!


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