Being a little scatter brained isn’t necessarily a bad thing

My husband often teases me that I have a horrid memory, and I won’t lie. I get scatterbrained often with so many things constantly running through my mind. Occasionally something slips out.

It’s not always good to be scatterbrained, I get that. But honestly, there are times when I don’t think it’s too bad to have a bad memory and here’s why. My dear husband and I were having a “discussion” (you know what I’m talking about) a couple weeks ago and during this conversation, he brought up something from several years ago. Something that I didn’t remember at all.  A not so good moment in our history.

This made me think that I’m okay with forgetting the bad things. The arguments and bad times and focus on just remembering the good times. Because the good times are more important. It is more important to move forward, not dwelling in the hard times, but flourishing in the good.

According to a professor at Stanford University, people tend to remember the negative things stronger and in more detail. Bad things have more of an impact. Bad times take longer to wear off than good ones.

I think we need to break the mold on this. How much better would our world be if we started to look at the good instead of the bad?

What would it do for our marriages if we quit holding onto grudges for things that happened in the past and remember the good times and why we got married in the first place?

Bad things happen, but lets not let it define us and mold us into something we were never meant to be.

Just a thought that maybe if we all became a little scatterbrained and let the bad memories slip out before all the good ones, the world may look a lot differently around us.






One thought on “Being a little scatter brained isn’t necessarily a bad thing

  1. I’m continually awed over and over again at the talent/ gift God has givin you to word things so well~AMAZING!!~ don’t ever stop blogging!!!!!!!!!!


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