I am often amazed at how when I pray specifically for something, something else happens that seems to counteract what I am praying for. 

For example, if I am praying to be a better wife to my husband, seems that something happens and a fight erupts and it’s more of an I want to punch my husband than be a better wife (I am hoping I am not the only one whose had those moments)! 

I pray to be a better mother to my children and then lo and behold there is artwork on my floor in the form of spaghetti and cheerios and girls yelling at each other about who didn’t do it and then the Hulk inside of me comes out to have a chat with my children. 

I want to do better at my job and then the whole data center goes out. (That actually did happen to me last week though in my defense, not my fault but a faulty backup battery…but I think the point is made) 😊

I don’t think God allows these things to happen when we are sincerely praying to do better to be cruel, but maybe to give us opportunities to change our perspective. To change our response. We can’t learn to be better while walking through the roses, but while getting caught in some thorns. 

So here I am still praying to be a better wife, a better mother, a bettter author and a better servant to the One who created me hopefully a little wiser each time a thorn gets caught and say, “Thank you, Lord, for this opportunity to be a better me than I was yesterday.” 

So take hold of those opportunities amidst the frustration and chaos and use them as learning tools to be a better you because the world needs us to be better than we were yesterday so we can be a shining light and an example of love to those around us! 

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