My heart has ached so much for the people in the beautiful state of Florida, the great state of Texas and all others affected by the hurricanes. My heart also goes out to all of those that are affected by the wildfires out in the west. But even more so, my heart grieves over some of the comments from people in the wake of these disasters.

During these times of crisis, as a Christian, we need to be encouraging. Lifting up those in need. Helping in whatever way we can and showing the true love of Christ through our actions. We should not be stating that this is God’s judgement on people. Kirk Cameron was recently on a Facebook video stating that God sent the hurricanes to get people to repent. Others made comments that this was God’s judgment on Florida for the election. 

Oh come on! Seriously? This frustrates me to no end because this is not the way we can reach people for Christ, especially when I do not believe that to be true. It is such a turn off and makes me ashamed when I hear people being condemning rather than showing the loving nature of God.

As the church, we need to rise up and quit going to judgement and start showing the grace and love and compassion of God. We cannot draw people to a God that we refer to as Father if we are telling them that God is punishing them by sending natural disasters to destroy homes and tear apart families or by shouting at people that they will go to hell if they don’t turn to Him! 

This actually happened to my husband and I while we were in Seattle. Walking along the streets we saw a bunch of people picketing stating that very thing, turn to Jesus or burn in hell.

People are not drawn to God through condemnation but through love. Me as Christian was completely turned off by this. And if that puts a bad taste in my mouth as a believer, what do you think it would be for an unbeliever?

Right now more than ever, God is calling for people to be saved, not judged. He is calling for us to be the light and show others that love, not condemnation, is the only way to reach people who don’t know Him. Especially in a time where people have lost everything and are desperately in need of a word of encouragement, not further despair. 

So for that, to all those affected by the natural disasters, I am praying for you. That you will have an encouraging voice throughout this and remember that God does truly love you and is with you in the midst of the trials and storms ready to lift you up in ways you may not expect. 

For those that are speaking harshly during the events, I pray you remember that there were both believers and unbelievers affected in these tragedies and we need to lift up both and show them the same love that Christ has shown us. 

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