Have you ever had a really bad day and then a stranger out of nowhere comes and tells you what you need to hear and just lifts you up? Or maybe even someone you know just places a random call to encourage you when you least expect it? 

I had this experience yesterday afternoon while driving home to get my kids from their after school program. 

I have been stressed at work lately and was battling a migraine and as I stopped at a red light, I just felt like crying. The pain in my head was intense and I had a million things going through my mind of things needing to be done and all the ways that I felt I was failing them. 

Suddenly, I look over and see an older gentlemen, much like a grandpa, with a cowboy hat firmly planted on his head. He was giving me a big old grin. 

So I smiled back. 

Then he gestured for me to roll down my window. 

Okay, I’ll be perfectly honest here. I had some reservations at this point, but I rolled down my window anyway because I am still a nice person. 

That gentleman’s grin got wider as he called out, “I just wanted to tell you that you are a terrific person.” 

A little taken back, I just responded with a thank you. All the while thinking, Who is this guy??

He kept smiling. “You really are and you are doing good.”

I kinda chuckled at this point because I had been feeling very down about myself and my abilities and hearing that just touched my heart even though I didn’t know who in the world this man was.

So I responded with another thanks and said, “You must’ve known I needed to hear that now.” 

He shakes his head, “Not me, but Someone knew you did!” He gestured towards heaven. 

The light turned green and he calls out again as the car moves forward, “You are doing good and I love you.”

In those moments of frustration, I think God loves to just wrap His arms around us and sometimes uses other people to get His message across. We just need to pay attention to the messengers He sends our ways. 

I pray that when you are feeling down that your eyes stay open (and maybe roll down your car window) to all the ways that God is expressing His love for you and telling you that yes, you may feel like you are failing but you are not a failure. 

You may feel unloved and unworthy, but He is saying you are a terrific person and you were worthy enough for Christ to die for. 

Maybe it will come from the word of a friend, or maybe a grandpa in a cowboy hat, but never forget the unfailing love of the King that wants to wrap you in His arms and remind you how you are loved! 

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