Published Works

Beyond Every Sunset


Travis O’Connell was living his dream when a surprise on his doorstep causes his care-free world to slowly crumble around him.

Finding himself suddenly thrust into fatherhood, Travis is forced to move back home with his parents to make ends meet. While learning to cope with the joys and sorrows of single parenthood as well as his parents’ strong faith, Travis must come to terms with who he is and who God has called him to be.

Will he choose to follow the One that can break the hardness growing in his heart and become the father that his daughter needs?


Arica’s Revenge: Return to Sementia


After the terrible events that unfolded on the island of Sementia, the survivors attempt to get on with their lives. But unforeseen circumstances catapult them back onto the shores of the mysterious island they fled from and they soon realize that they must band together or be lost forever.

“Unlike anything I’ve ever read before, Sementia has the mystery and intrigue to keep you up well into the night wanting more and leaving you with one theory, to expect the unexpected!”
—Jackie Haley, author of Crystal Beach



Sementia. An island of intense beauty and unspeakable mystery. As Ariana Rickards and her classmates tour this island, they think of it as an adventure of a lifetime. However, questions loom over their heads as they explore the island. Why is it uninhabited? What are the voices carrying with the wind? Why is part of the island forbidden? As they search for answers, Ariana falls victim to the island’s mystery and vanishes into the depths of the jungle. Now she wonders if she’ll ever escape Sementia…

“”The twists and turns were never-ending and I found myself eager to turn the pages to see what happened next! Ms. Schmeling’s ability to paint a picture and describe a setting, along with utilizing effective dialog and strong, dynamic characters, provides a landscape for a truly riveting and entertaining story!””
Steve Alkire, author of Prodigal Son.